Customs Assistance

Customs Assistance
Go-Trans works for your cargo to be transported with ease and meeting all the requirements of the customs legislation of Brazil, so has staff dedicated to the customs clearance of goods with technical and practical knowledge of the rules, requirements and restrictions.

We support and guarantee the management of import and export process to take care of all the legal proceedings before the customs authorities, providing a complete management consulting and acting together with several Brazilian consenting agencies such as Anvisa and Ministry of Agriculture.

Believing that the differential in this area is the ability to meet all the demands of the market, Go-Trans also features a list of major products available in service delivery in order to pursue cost reduction through tax benefits, tax relief and logistics:

• Integrated Drawback:
a) Exemption mode: also known as inventory replenishment, retroactive to processes up to 2 years from the date of DI or NF acquisition in the domestic market. Has the benefit of the tax-free II, IPI, PIS and COFINS of imported or acquired domestically used in the final product Export Sale.
b) Suspension Type: thriller the taxes II, IPI, PIS, COFINS, ICMS and AFRMM of imported or acquired domestically used in the final product Export Sale.
• Ex-tariff:  rate reduction to 0% import tax for new machinery and equipment;
SISCOSERV: Integrated Trade Services Exterior, Intangibles and Other Operations producing Equity Variations;
• RADAR:  Express, Limited and Unlimited;
• Transfer manufacturing:  production line import through counterpart in Abimaq agreement;
• Used Equipment Import, production lines and integrated systems;
• Export and temporary admissions;
• RECOF-SPED:  Customs Regime of Industrial Warehouse - Digital Bookkeeping Public System Awarded by RFB, where the main requirements are as follows:
- Simplified Installation Fee: 30 days to evaluate the revenue;
- Tax Regularity (have negative certification of debts - CND);
- No special arrangements for inspection in the last three years;
- EFD days delivery and Block K well resolved;
- Transforming the e-scar in electronic tax domicile (DTE);
- Enabling is not for your entire company, you can enable some establishments and include others later;
- Having export over $ 5 million per year;
- Having to export the minimum annual payment equivalent to 80% of the total value of imports and / or domestic.

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